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The Cairns property market is booming – make the most of it with Property Ladder Realty
Airbnb is a recent and amazing change to investing in rental properties

Property Ladder Realty have changed over 16 of their investments to Airbnb and the returns have changed their retirement plans. These blocks were earmarked to sell off and keep the single strata units we have further out of the City. Now they are bringing in far more income, the strata units will be sold off!

At Property Ladder Realty we can inspect any property and give you our thoughts. Bart, Katie and Linda at Property Ladder Realty have seen many apartments in Cairns and have a keen eye on what is a good property investment. Although some may seem similar, there are differences such as “kitchen location and size, has the building got a lift etc” that Property Ladder Realty specialise in selecting.

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We do manage Airbnb properties but for select properties and select clients. At Property Ladder Realty we are not interested in mass management. As with our property management, we want to be able to look after all our clients, their properties and the tenants/Airbnb guests well so we keep the numbers low.

Property Ladder Realty can assist you with not only Airbnb management, but also property management on some locations, sales and tenant finding


Airbnb is very intensive and if done correctly you can enjoy many benefits
The concept of having an investment property is a great way to increase your net worth
Property will always appreciate if you manage it and maintain it accordingly - We can help
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Many of our owners are very surprised at how cost effective their maintenance program is
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